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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Links of the day 2/26/2008 Chavez Orders Immediate Liberation of Indigenous Peoples

Yesterday was just one of those days for me when I have to walk away from the computer. Being new here at blog spot ( I been doing links of the day for nearly a year at ) so you people don’t know I spend my time each day searching for news items that get little or no attention by the big bloggers.

I start my day usually around 2 or 3 am to bring you my links of the day. Sometimes I get lucky and find a story opposite of what the MSM is telling American’s. I hate their outright lies and cover ups and the Don Siegelman story is one of those that angers me the most.

60 Minutes omitted so many of the early facts that I just couldn’t post yesterday, but today I’ll give you some links that prove Siegelman was railroaded and attacked by Karl Rove.

Karl Rove would not be with us today if Watergate prosecutors had done their job. They claimed they had bigger fish to fry. . Well isn’t that special. It makes me sick to think of all the people ( that little pimple on an elephants ass ) who’s lives he has destroyed. His dirty, cheating, lying, illegal and underhanded political tactics should have landed Rove in prison long ago, and the Siegelman case just my be his ticket to the big house and to Bubba his roommate.

Karl Rove is nothing more than a traitor to America and her Constitution, a common criminal who has been allowed to wreak havoc and poison the very Democracy our founding fathers struggled to create.

Just one reading of his bio ( I’ve read every link at wiki on Rove and more) gives enough information that he was the architect behind the outing of Valerie Plame and probably the killing of the other CIA agents at Brewster Jennings .

Until Congress is able to hold real hearings with public testimony we may never know the fate of the Brewster Jenning’s agents. It would not surprise me one bit if the information Sibel Edmonds is telling us about the Bush administration selling nuclear weapons secrets to Turk/Israeli agents has a connection to Karl Rove.

Karl Rove and the GOP in Alabama railroaded Don Siegelman right into prison and it makes me sick to death that he’s now sitting in a studio of Fox News continuing his anti American, subversive activities against my country and her people while Siegelman sits in prison.

The time has come for Congress to issue a contempt citation for Rove’s continued refusal to testify before Congress. They should have Rove arrested and thrown into the jail in the basement under the House of Representatives. What you didn’t know they have a jail?

The one big miss-step by democrats was when they held hearing on the fired prosecutors. Instead of focusing on the ones Bush had fired they should be looking at the ones he didn’t. Targeting Democrats has been the DOJ’s number 1 priority.

A study by Donald C. Shields, Ph.D. (University of Minnesota, 1974) Professor Emeritus, Department of Communication, University of Missouri - St. Louis, and John F. Cragan (University of Minnesota, 1972) Professor Emeritus, Department of Communication, Illinois State University shows the without doubt that the Bush Administration’s Justice Department has been targeting Democrats. (this is a must read)

And if you have a republican representative in the House then they too have dishonored their oath to protect and defend the Constitution by subverting the will and laws that our once great country has relied on for over 200 years. Until 2007 when the democrats took over the House the Republicans held no real hearing into the corruption of the Bush administration or ethics of their own party and ethics be damned.


posted January 19, 2006

With the worst Congressional scandal in decades unfolding, it's reasonable to assume that nobody's busier on Capitol Hill than the House Ethics Committee. Surprise: For all practical purposes, there is no House Ethics Committee--it's been defunct for the past year. "I've been in Congress nineteen years, and this is the first time I've ever known us to operate without an Ethics Committee in place," says Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, ranking Democrat on the House Rules Committee.

Karl Rove is a slime ball who’s got a comeuppance coming. He should be thrown in jail and the key to his cell should be dropped into the deepest part of the ocean, like it should have been if the Watergate prosecutors had done their job when they knew he was involved.

Rove Linked to Alabama Case

Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2007

A Republican lawyer claims she was told that Karl Rove — while serving as President Bush's top political adviser — had intervened in the Justice Department's prosecution of Alabama?s most prominent Democrat. Longtime Alabama G.O.P. activist Dana Jill Simpson first made the allegation in June, but has now provided new details in a lengthy sworn statement to the House Judiciary Committee. The Committee is expected to hold public hearings on the Alabama case next week as part of its investigation of possible political interference by the Bush Administration in the activities of the Department of Justice.,8599,1669990,00.html?iid=sphere-inline-sidebar

Selective Justice in Alabama?

Thursday, Oct. 04, 2007

On may 8, 2002, Clayton Lamar (Lanny) Young Jr., a lobbyist and landfill developer described by acquaintances as a hard-drinking "good ole boy," was in an expansive mood. In the downtown offices of the U.S. Attorney in Montgomery, Ala., Young settled into his chair, personal lawyer at his side, and proceeded to tell a group of seasoned prosecutors and investigators that he had paid tens of thousands of dollars in apparently illegal campaign contributions to some of the biggest names in Alabama Republican politics. According to Young, among the recipients of his largesse were the state's former attorney general Jeff Sessions, now a U.S. Senator, and William Pryor Jr., Sessions' successor as attorney general and now a federal judge. Young, whose detailed statements are described in documents obtained by TIME, became a key witness in a major case in Alabama that brought down a high-profile politician and landed him in federal prison with an 88-month sentence. As it happened, however, that official was the top Democrat named by Young in a series of interviews, and none of the Republicans whose campaigns he fingered were investigated in the case, let alone prosecuted.,8599,1668220,00.html

Rove Named in Alabama Controversy

Friday, Jun. 01, 2007

In the rough and tumble of Alabama politics, the scramble for power is often a blood sport. At the moment, the state's former Democratic governor, Don Siegelman, stands convicted of bribery and conspiracy charges and faces a sentence of up to 30 years in prison. Siegelman has long claimed that his prosecution was driven by politically motivated, Republican-appointed U.S. attorneys.,8599,1627427,00.html

Watergate Redux: Karl Rove-John Ashcroft-BushCabal


It should also be noted that John Ashcroft, head of the US Justice Department, lost to a dead man. He ran against Mel Carnahan, who was killed in a "mysterious" plane crash. (As was Paul Wellstone. As was John Tower.)

President George Bush Jr. then salvaged Ashcroft's career by appointing him as Attorney General.

A Republican Party apparatchik all his life, Rove was hired by Ashcroft in 1984 to handle direct mail fundraising solicitations. He did the same in Ashcroft's 1988 re-election campaign and his 1994 Senate campaign. (take a look around this very interesting and informative site, enjoy)


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Other links of the day you may find of interest.

But first I want to say to those of you who have sent me messages telling me my links have many misspelling’s.
I do not alter articles by other author’s. I for one applaud the English as a second language authors.
( or complain to Microsoft for their crummy translation software).


FCC Ready to Curb ISP Traffic Management

By MARK JEWELL, AP Business Writer

(AP) -- Federal regulators on Monday said they are ready to discipline Internet service providers who secretly favor certain types of data traffic, like Web surfing, over others, like file sharing.

At a hearing over allegations of traffic discrimination by Comcast Corp., the Federal Communications Commission chairman said the complaints underscore the need to enforce the FCC's current broad principles intended to promote so-called "Net neutrality."

"The commission is ready, willing and able to step in if necessary to correct any practices that are ongoing today," FCC Chairman Kevin Martin said in opening statements of the hearing at Harvard Law School's Berkman Center for Internet and Society. (look out Comcast your days are numbered). Haaa Haaa Haaa!



Chávez orders immediate liberation of indigenous peoples fenced in by English corporation in Apure

February 25th 2008, by Luigino Bracci Roa

Caracas, February 25, 2008, (YVKE Radio Mundial) - President Hugo Chávez ordered quick and decisive action Sunday in order to liberate 200 Yaruro indigenous people who have been encircled by fences built by Agroflora, an affiliate of the British Vestey Group, according to denunciations filed by Representative Cristóbal Jiménez and ratified by the Minister of Agriculture and Land, Elias Jaua. Also, 800 other indigenous people remained outside of the fences. "The farm put up a fence around them and they can't get out without permission from the farm owners," Jiménez explained.

"When the English company bought the Morichito farm from Vicente Pérez Soto, in the document the indigenous people were included," Jiménez pointed out. Pérez Soto was a governor in the era of Juan Vicente Gómez, at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Jaua met with the president of Agroflora and informed her that nearly 10,000 acres will be confiscated by the state so that the indigenous peoples can move about freely.


Interview: Cindy Sheehan

By Liam Stack in Cairo
8:11 MECCA TIME, 5:11 GMT

Cindy Sheehan, an American activist who was nicknamed the "Peace Mom" by the media for her criticism of the Iraq War, retreated from her public campaigns in 2007.

The death of her son Casey, a US soldier, in a Baghdad battle in 2005 had transformed Sheehan into a public figure in the US.

But she resurfaced in Cairo last week as a member of a delegation from the Muslim American Society which is in Egypt to protest against the military trial of 40 members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood.

She spoke to Al Jazeera about her journey from peace activist to Congressional candidate, her thoughts on Iraq and her experiences in Egypt.


After 19 years, Supreme Court to decide on punitive damages in Exxon Valdez case

WASHINGTON — Nineteen years after an Exxon oil tanker hit a reef and spilled 11 million gallons of crude oil in Alaska's Prince William Sound, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear the final lawsuit lingering from one of the nation's worst environmental disasters.
On Wednesday, the court will consider Exxon Mobil's appeal, a 14-year effort that, if successful, would overturn a $2.5 billion punitive damages award considered by many to be the largest verdict ever against a U.S. corporation. (be sure to checkout the Graphic | Exxon Valdez case lingers (.pdf) found on the right side of the page).


Crimes of Halliburton: Fraud, Fraud & More Fraud


Rep. Henry Waxman released the first analysis of Halliburton's RIO 2 contract to restore Iraq's southern oil fields.

The examination of previously undisclosed correspondence, evaluations, and audits reveals that government officials and investigators have harshly criticized Halliburton's performance under RIO 2.

The documents disclose an "overwhelmingly negative" performance, including:

* Intentional Overcharging: Halliburton repeatedly overcharged the taxpayer, apparently intentionally. In one case, "cost estimates had hidden rate factors to increase cost of project without informing the Government."

In another instance, Halliburton "tried to inflate cost estimate by $26M."

In a third example, Halliburton claimed costs for laying concrete pads and footings that the Iraqi Oil Ministry had "already put in place."

Exorbitant Costs: Halliburton was "accruing exorbitant indirect costs at a rapid rate."

Government officials concluded that Halliburton's "lack of cost containment and funds management is the single biggest detriment to this program.


Hinn turns over material to senate panel

Benny Hinn provides documents to senator's financial probe, Kenneth Copeland By ERIC GORSKI AP Religion Writer | AP Feb 25, 2008

senator's investigation into spending and oversight at six "prosperity gospel" ministries has hit a roadblock with a minister intensifying his efforts to fight the inquiry, but made progress on Monday when another turned over documents.

Flamboyant Texas-based faith healer Benny Hinn had turned over material to the Senate Finance Committee in response to a letter of inquiry from Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, in early November, an aide to the senator said.

Meanwhile, another target of Grassley's investigation, Kenneth Copeland, sent a letter to supporters this month accusing Grassley of targeting the six ministries because of theological disagreements. Grassley denies the charge.

Copeland, whose supporters have called Grassley's office to protest, is a pioneer of the prosperity gospel, which teaches that God wants his followers to be rich both spiritually and materially.


PKK will emerge stronger after this Turko-American fiasco :

The decision to go after the PKK camps in the middle of winter when this is normally a time of loll in violence caught may people by surprise. However, looking deeper into some of the rationales behind it one can see the complexity of factors that led Turks to embark on such aggressive venture.

Internal factors:

1) In February 2008 the Islamic dominated government of Erdogan passed the so called turban law in parliament against the will of secular conservatives and military elite. This was bound to create turmoil for the government. By shifting the public attention from turban law to the invasion of southern Kurdistan Erdogan and his justice and development party effectively silenced all anticipated opposition to this subject.

2) AKP has been portrayed as being weak on the matters of national security by the nationalist parties such as CHP and MHP as well as the military establishment. Therefore, by sending troops to Iraqi Kurdistan Erdogan is showing the Turks that he is as good as an army general.


Thousands protest Turkish aggression in Diyarbakir :

Amed, Kurdistan ( 25 February 2008: Thousands took to the streets today in Amed (Diyarbakir) to protest ongoing Turkish military operations in Iraqi Kurdistan. In a protest organized by the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP), men and women of all ages filled the streets under the watchful eyes of Turkish security personnel in helmets and body armor backed by armored personnel carriers.

Some protesters waved pictures of imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan and flags associated with the PKK, and others carried a number of banners. One banner redefined the Turkey's Islamist ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) as the Adaletsiz Kafirler Partisi, the Justiceless Party of Infidels.

Another said in Kurdish, "Talabani wake up," repeating criticism of the Iraqi President and PUK Secretary General that has become common since the initiation of the latest large scale Turkish incursion into Iraqi Kurdistan. Diyarbakir's popular mayor Osman Baydemir addressed the crowd, which filled the streets of Kurdistan's capital.


South Africa Allows Killing of Elephants

(AP) -- South Africa said Monday that it will start killing elephants to reduce their burgeoning numbers, ending a 13-year ban and possibly setting a precedent for other African nations.

Environment Minister Marthinus van Schalkwyk said the government was left with no choice but to reintroduce killing elephants "as a last option and under very strict conditions" to reduce environmental degradation and rising conflicts with humans.

There will be no "wholesale slaughter," he told reporters.

The announcement follows months of impassioned debate, with some conservationists arguing for elephant killings to protect the ecosystem, and animal welfare groups outraged at the prospect of slaughtering one of the planet's most intelligent and self-aware creatures.

South Africa has been hugely successful in protecting its elephant population, once on the verge of extinction in parts of the country. But it has become a victim of its own success. The number of elephants, which have no natural predators other than humans, is growing at a rate of more than 5 percent a year and is expected to double by 2020.


Mandatory Funding Hearings

Guaranteed funding for veterans health care has been a key legislative priority for DAV over the last six years. As a result of our grassroots advocacy and the many efforts of individual DAV members we were finally able to secure hearings in both the House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committees on October 3, 2007, and July 25, 2007 respectively. DAV’s National Legislative Director Joseph A. Violante was asked to testify at both hearings on behalf of the Partnership for Veterans Health Care Budget Reform.

Below are the testimonies and full transcripts from each of the hearings. We encourage you to read these documents to gain a better understanding of the issue and where we stand at this juncture. We make clear in the statements to the Committee why funding problems persist and how Congress can solve this issue by enacting a reform that results in sufficiency, predictability and timeliness of VA health care funding. Although Congress does not appear willing to take action on this issue at this time these hearings represent the beginning of a long-awaited dialogue.

We want to thank all of our members for their hard work and continued efforts on this difficult issue. DAV is currently working with budget experts to examine alternative possibilities to resolve the VA health funding issue based on the congressional responses during the hearing. Our goal is to ensure that veterans using the VA health care system have timely access to high quality health care services now and in the future.

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Bush' Way of Bringing the Troops Home
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